In the world there are important and well-marked musical trends, with genres typical of the various regions that comprise it. These styles have top leaders and exponents, not only nationally but internationally. With this article you will meet the most promising singers of today.

What is success in singers?

It is important to know that the world of music, like that of acting, is a very complicated one. You need to be lucky and talented, to like the audience, to stand out above the rest, to have a good record label and contracts. As if that were not enough, also impose fashion and be within the beauty standards established by society.

What is for many a hard work and almost impossible to achieve. At the other extreme, you find a successful group, which has managed to rise to the top and position itself as the most successful and promising singers of the moment.
It is not the same to have a promising career due to their musical trajectory and the successes achieved with each of their compositions and albums, than to have an unbridled and abysmal popularity that quickly fades, causing many of these artists to be forgotten.

Fame requires hard work, not everything comes down to physical beauty or a commercial voice. Those in search of notoriety must bring together talents, abilities and skills in keeping with the dynamism of today’s society.

The most successful singers in the world

This group is made up of singers who have been imposing musical and fashionable styles for years and who still continue to influence new talents, and even surpass them in the Top Rankings in the world on different musical, radio, TV or digital platforms. .

This compilation is made up of the following singers, in no specific order of importance:


Colombian Shakira, with a great resume as a singer, songwriter, dancer, producer and her great will to help people (remember that she was named as UNICEF Ambassador). She debuted in 1990, has worldwide recognition and millions of followers. Thanks to his good compositions in pop, rock, urban and Arabic styles. At the beginning of the year 2021, she reached number 1 in some rankings with “Girl like me”.

Daddy Yankee

The Puerto Rican Daddy Yankee singer, songwriter and producer. It currently appears as the greatest exponent of Reggaetón worldwide. He has had a great influence on the genre for years, among his most recent hits of 2020 is “Relationship” in collaboration with Sech and Rosalía.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has popularized the taste for that long-forgotten country style, with her country pop and country rock compositions. With millions of fans around the world, he carries his American flag high. Her biggest hit is “Shake it off” and her most recent “Folklore” in 2020. In 2019, she was the highest paid singer.

Ed Sheeran

The Briton is a musician and singer-songwriter. He has remained leading and among the main Top Rankings of music thanks to his romantic and fresh style, of his most popular singles such as “Perfect”, “Photograph” and “Shape of you”.

His most recent hits “Afterglow” and “I don´t care” in duet with Justin Bieber, the latter has sounded a lot and went viral on TIK TOK in 2020.

Billie Eilish

The American at her early age already has 5 Grammy awards and great world recognition, which many other artists in years have not yet reached. Her pop style and her most recent singles like “No time to die” position her in many Rankings as the best singer and the most voted in 2021.

These 5 talented artists have earned a position on this list and the hearts of their followers with much effort, thanks to their talent and human quality demonstrated on multiple occasions, we can only wait for their next hits.